Revitalize your life by incorporating these 5 transformative healthy habits from fitness coach Jennifer Dietrick into your daily routine.

There are a variety of factors that come together to create optimal health. The four main aspects are:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Mind

It is best to incorporate practices of each to improve your overall health. Since exercise and nutrition are often obvious, I would like to focus most of the suggestions that relate to sleep and the mind.


Stretch It Out

One that I mention often is stretching. Add it to your daily routine even if the time frame is only a few minutes.

Stretching can be done in the form of a yoga class, whether in person or watching online at home if you need a video to follow. It is often neglected or underrated and has so many benefits.

If you trained that day, then add stretching to the end of your session. If not, then it is best to do it when your body is warm from any daily activity. If you are at a desk all day, I recommend taking breaks every 2-3 hours and stretching for at least 5 minutes.

A flexible body allows you to do more in everyday life and in training. It is also very calming for the mind. Usually, people breathe better and feel calmer during and after stretching.

Take It Outside

Another habit to add to your daily routine is getting outside. Naturally, you can get in your exercise as well at this time. If you have already trained indoors, you still want to get outdoors. Being outdoors, especially in nature, is good for the mind and soul. Being in the sun, if possible, also helps with mood and sleep. It is natural for us to be in that environment and helps to restore ourselves. If you can be barefoot in grass or the sand, you will reap even more benefits by reducing stress.


Put the Tech Down

The next habit is to not look at any screens at least an hour before bedtime. This is a habit for good sleep hygiene. It is also good for your mental health. The less screen time the better.

Being present with others instead of on a screen is beneficial to everyone for proper human connection. If you are by yourself, it is still beneficial to limit screen time and replace it with reading, writing, drawing, stretching, or any other enjoyable activity that doesn’t involve a screen.

Mind Your Mind

A great habit for your mind and for proper sleep is meditation. Start with a minute or two each session to form the habit, then you can add more minutes after it becomes a regular practice. Aim for twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime. Meditation can be done any time, but it’s best to do it before starting your day and before bed to clear the mind. There are numerous different forms that are available on apps or there are ones you can do on your own such as focusing on your breath.


Stay Positive

The last habit to add is recognizing any negative thoughts throughout the day. Being aware of what is going through your mind will greatly impact your health. Awareness is the first step and then you can stop the negative thoughts from continuing.

Talk back to these thoughts and/or replace them with positive ones. You may not be in control of your first thought, but you are in control of the ones following it and any actions that lead from them. Your daily actions are very important, but the thoughts that go along with them also have an important impact. On the other hand, your thoughts can affect the actions you choose, so it’s best to be aware of them to produce your desired results.

Hope you enjoy integrating these new habits into your daily routine. These practices can significantly enhance your mental well-being and perspective on life, so I encourage you to give them a try.


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Martial Artist Jennifer Dietrick

Jennifer Dietrick

Jennifer Dietrick is a highly accomplished and successful health & fitness coach.  With 18 years of experience competing in physique sports, Jennifer designs specialized programs for each client to be healthy and strong.  With the desire to continue to learn Jennifer now spends her free time training and competing in martial arts.                

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