Replace those self-sabotaging behaviors and adopt these 4 small habits from Team myHMB ambassador Philita Scholz to make a lasting impact on your health.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of snacking at night or sleeping in and missing workouts. We have all been there! 

The important thing to remember is that the ability to change your habits is within your capability. Nothing great comes from being complacent and vegging out in front of the tv every night.  Or making excuses on why you can’t workout.  While there is definitely nothing wrong with doing that from time to time, just don’t let it become a habit.

I reference snacking because it’s been my hardest habit to break but I’ve finally been able to hang up my tortilla chips at night. It may sound silly to some, but that’s just my go-to food that winds up not being just one bowl full but 2+ and that adds up quick. 

So, how do we make this change? How does one go from feeling stuck in their ways to making mindful choices that will bring lasting change?

Be Disciplined

It’s not easy and takes discipline. It must be a conscious decision that you remind yourself of daily. Write it down, put it in your phone, and tell a support buddy. 

Keep Temptations Away

Purposely avoid triggers that will make you sink back into your habit. In my case, after work I walk on my treadmill, do yoga, or plan a small project to do. Believe me, it takes effort to not give in to my cravings, but I understand that I’ll give myself some grace from time to time so I can have my favorite treats. That understanding goes a long way.

Give Yourself Some Grace

Prepare mentally for slip-ups. Go into it knowing that you won’t be perfect, and that’s ok.  Allow yourself some mercy and plan at how you will handle those blunders. 

Remember Your Why

Lastly, focus on your why. Finding your why sets you up for a long-term plan that you can attack short term victories with. 

Keep in mind new habits take time to develop and stick to.  If you follow through on the above steps you can take full ownership of your life and establish the healthy patterns you want. It’s tough, but you can do it!  

Fitness Model & CPA Philita Wheeler doing bicep curls

Philita Scholz

Philita Scholz’s obsession began with running.  After realizing running 50-60 miles a week was no longer a challenge for her she tried out bodybuilding and even qualified for the Arnold Classic Amateur Figure Championships.  Philita is a very focused entrepreneur helping people in the financial, health & wellness, and education arenas.


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