Are you a gym newbie?  That’s okay. Danyelle Mastarone is here with a few tips to ensure you survive.

Congratulations! Welcome to the jungle.  You already performed the most difficult move in the gym, you showed up.

This is the time to build the best version of you! Being brand new in an already intimidating environment is a major reason why people don’t even start. 

But now what?

Second move, ASK FOR HELP. If you are truly brand new, my best advice is to hire a trainer. These licensed professionals are there to teach and motivate you. As someone who’s trained women, I am a true stickler for technique and form, so having a personal trainer will ensure you are performing the moves properly.

Personal trainer not for you?

If that’s too personal for you, start with fitness group classes. The friendly, group setting is perfect for beginners, and you get the bonus of some killer jams while you workout.

Group fitness not for you?

Still not sure you found your groove? Unlike when I began my fitness journey, information is now infinite and readily available. Follow your favorite fitness vloggers and use them as guides for your workout. I highly recommend our very own team myHMB athletes like  Erin Stern, Jada Kelly, and Jennifer Dietrick, who expertly demonstrate and explain exercises.

Remember everyone had a first day at the gym. I can look back now and laugh at the bewildered girl who sat in the leg press backwards. Or the off-balanced girl who fell off the elliptical. Yup! Both me! Kudos again for taking first step towards a fit lifestyle, I promise it’s one you are going to love! Maybe one day you’ll be dishing out advice to a scared newbie, reminiscing just how far you have come.

Good luck and happy training!

team myhmb and fit mom Danyelle Mastarone

Danyelle Mastarone

Danyelle Mastarone started as a group fitness instructor and then was encouraged by a friend to try out a figure competition.  After taking home the gold at her first competition she was hooked.  Now as a mom, being healthy and fit is always a priority and a passion.


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