“I’ve gotten in great shape, but I still have some unwanted belly fat… any advice to get rid of it?”

It can be difficult to get rid of that last bit of body fat. Usually, the first place we gain fat is the last place we lose it. That being said, it’s possible to focus on reducing body fat a few different ways. Keep in mind that it’s not possible to spot reduce, so these methods may work great, or they might have a very small effect.

Reduce cortisol levels.

Stress-related hormones can cause weight gain around the midsection. Try to get enough sleep, try not to drink a ton of caffeine, avoid sugary foods, and keep your workouts to an hour or less.

Assess your stress levels.

Are you under a lot of pressure at work? This can cause weight gain around the belly!

Eat healthy fats.

You can also try increasing your intake of healthy fats like CLA, MCTs, and Omega 3. These fats have been shown to help with leaning down and can help with satiety.

IFBB pro and bodybuilder Erin Stern

Erin Stern

Erin Stern was a collegiate track and field athlete at the University of Florida.  After just missing by centimeters the qualifying standard to go to the Beijing Olympics in the high jump she turned to bodybuilding.   Erin earned her IFBB Pro Card as a Figure Competitor in 2008 and has since had a very successful career in bodybuilding including winning the Ms. Figure Olympia twice.  

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