As a CPA in mid-January it means long hours, a lot of paperwork, and tax lingo!

This time of the year I miss my evening gym cardio sessions and I’m fairly certain I’ve exceeded my caffeine limit for the day by 9am.

However, being in a sedentary lifestyle does not mean sitting idle daily. My alarm chimes at 3:20am and I’m at the gym by 4! I lift weights 6 days a week and add cardio sessions into 3 of those.

I do not work out as often as I used to but my intensity remains and need for recovery just as great. I noticed something interesting over the past 6 months. I was taking one myHMB cap, three times daily and hitting PRs weekly, in every body part I lifted. Then I kept forgetting to take my supplements for a few months and noticed I wasn’t seeing any improvements. Therefore, I purposely started my myHMB again, and last week I hit another PR! I find that to be very interesting, to say the least. I knew that I recovered faster between sessions but didn’t realize the overall impact myHMB had on my strength.

I may not compete right now, but it doesn’t mean my fit lifestyle is over. Sitting at a desk 10-12 hours a day means you have to be more careful with food choices and ensure that workouts are on point. If not, it catches up to you fast. When you aren’t in the gym twice a day, (like I used to be) everything you do has to count. Diet matters, workouts matter, and supplementation matters. I was beginning to think that supplements were just a nice thing to have, until I stopped taking them for a few months and realized that they were a must have!

Fitness Model & CPA Philita Wheeler doing bicep curls

Philita Scholz

Philita Scholz’s obsession began with running.  After realizing running 50-60 miles a week was no longer a challenge for her she tried out bodybuilding and even qualified for the Arnold Classic Amateur Figure Championships.  Philita is a very focused entrepreneur helping people in the financial, health & wellness, and education arenas.


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