We all make mistakes but making them during your workouts can cause injury or a lack of results.

Our fit mom Danyelle Mastarone is here with her new series ‘My Fit Four’ to give some solid training mistake advice.

Hello myHMB family and fans, your favorite Fit Mom Danyelle is back! 

While sharing some new fitness tips, I’ll also be paying homage to my favorite band, The Beatles, often called The Fab Four. So welcome to my new series, “My Fit Four”.  And always be on the lookout for hidden musical references!

My first fit four topic is on training mistakes.  What are common training mistakes I see and how can we fix them.

woman in a gym performing a back squat facing a mirror

1. Lack of Intensity

You can’t phone in a workout, which also means don’t be texting while you’re doing it! Be present and focus on the mind muscle connection. Feel the burn may sound like a silly 80s workout pun, but you truly want to feel those muscle contractions.

Try to tax your body as much as you can while maintaining form. Don’t quit at rep 15 just because that’s what your book says. See how many more reps you can get and adjust your weight or rep range accordingly.

2. Lack of Technique

Whether you are using too heavy of a weight or just doing it wrong, form is king! Find a trainer or watch an online video demonstrating proper form. With a little help from my friends, you can learn body position for each specific movement.

Proper form will not only leave you with better results but will also prevent injuries. For the most part, you want to start with good posture, chest up, shoulders back and a slight arch in your lower back. Now you are ready to target your muscle of choice!

team myHMB ambassador and former Marine and CrossFit Games athlete Taylor Galadyk in a gym performing bent over rows with a dumbbell

3. Lack of planning

Everyday can’t be arm day! Plan both your training split and the specific exercises for each day. This way your body is getting well balanced workouts and adequate rest for each muscle group.

There are so many ways to divide up muscle groups, such as upper and lower, pairing push and pull or even a dedicated day for each specific muscle. Go old school with a notebook. Writing something out will also lead to efficiency in your workouts, whether that’s packing the right bag after work or setting up all the equipment you will need for that day.

4. Lack of consistency.

Crushing it one day is great, but not if it means taking the next 6 days off. To really see results you need to train consistently and establish healthy habits that naturally become part of your everyday lifestyle.

Evaluate your life and schedule, determine what is realistic and commit to those days. Just as you wouldn’t skip a meeting with your boss, don’t skip your fitness session with yourself!

All My Loving,

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team myhmb and fit mom Danyelle Mastarone

Danyelle Mastarone

Danyelle Mastarone started as a group fitness instructor and then was encouraged by a friend to try out a figure competition.  After taking home the gold at her first competition she was hooked.  Now as a mom, being healthy and fit is always a priority and a passion.


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