In 2023, myHMB, the muscle health ingredient under the TSI Group brand, achieved significant milestones. Here are some standout highlights.


Over the past year, TSI Group‘s myHMB, a branded ingredient, has accomplished significant milestones, including obtaining new certifications, venturing into new markets, and conducting numerous educational webinars and opportunities. As we step into 2024, TSI Group is enthusiastic about the upcoming prospects and is committed to furthering awareness about muscle health. We look forward to continuing our efforts in highlighting the benefits of myHMB and its contribution to overall well-being. But let’s take a moment to reflect on what was accomplished in 2023.


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myHMB Became an Informed Ingredient

TSI Group is thrilled to share that in June of 2023 myHMB® and myHMB® Clear received certification as Informed Ingredients.

This signifies their compliance with a rigorous, worldwide banned substance testing and certification program dedicated to dietary supplement ingredients.

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TSI Group has achieved regulatory approval for its sports nutrition product myHMB® in South Korea. TSI Group’s myHMB®, exclusively distributed by Jupiter International, is excited to make waves in the sports nutrition market for South Korea's aging population.

myHMB Received Regulatory Approval in South Korea

TSI Group secured regulatory approval for its sports nutrition ingredient, myHMB®, in South Korea.

Distributed exclusively by Jupiter International, TSI Group’s myHMB® is poised to make a significant impact in the sports nutrition market, particularly targeting the aging population of South Korea.

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Research Revealed HMB Enhances Muscle Health in Older Adults with Sacropenia

In a 12-week study on adults over 60 with sarcopenia, researchers conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled investigation to assess the impact of HMB intervention on muscle strength, physical performance, body composition, and inflammatory factors.

Results revealed that HMB significantly improved resistance training outcomes, enhancing muscle strength, physical performance, muscle quality, and reducing inflammatory markers in older adults with sarcopenia.

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Research Indicates a Connection Between Fat Reduction and the Combination of HMB and Vitamin D

A Nutrients study suggests that combining Vitamin D and ꞵ-hydroxy-ꞵ-methylbutyrate (HMB), a leucine metabolite, may contribute to reducing adipose tissue.

The 12-week supplementation in a group of 43 middle-aged women demonstrated significant reductions in intermuscular adipose tissue (IMAT).

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