2020 is underway and it is the time to reflect on the past year and set new goals.  Our team of athletes share their pursuits for 2020, which hopefully will help inspire you.

IFBB Pro & Bodybuilder Erin Stern at photo shoot

“I plan to compete in IFBB Pro League bikini! My hope is to qualify for the Olympia and step on the big stage again – this time in a different division. I plan on finishing more courses on my website, starting a recurring membership on Facebook, and developing a useful and effective piece of workout equipment. I look to have my complete home renovation done by March… along with my antique K5 Blazer renovation.”
– Erin Stern, 2x Ms. Olympia

Retired P.E. Professional Tim Nassen out on the golf course

“My goals for 2020 are to continue to compete at a high level and improve my stage conditioning!  I still enjoy the challenge of getting into contest condition!!”
 – Tim Nassen, Retired P.E. Professional | Master’s Bodybuilder

Pro boxer Mike Kurzeja

“My 2020 goals are to practice what I preach (I always do). I commit to my workouts and diet. I eat what I want, but my base diet is sensible and regimented. Saying that, I have plenty of cheat meals, which I can afford because I work out like a maniac. I live the fitness life and standby my hashtags of #NoDadBods #AntiDadBodCampaign #NoDaysOff.”
– Mike ‘Kujo’ Kurzeja, Retired Pro Boxer | Boxing Coach

Powerlifter Bryan Dermody at the 2012 Empire Classic

“My 2020 goals are to:

  • Get a 2nd surgery on my elbow and finally get back to training without limitations
  • Plan out my next powerlifting competition
  • Welcome our 4th child into the world
  • Finish my 1st full year of doctoral work”
    – Bryan Dermody, Powerlifter | Former Strength & Conditioning Coach

Fitness Model & CPA Philita Wheeler posing for a fitness photo shoot

“My 2020 goals are multifaceted.

For my career I want to continue to advance within my new role and not only learn the business/company better but know the relevant accounting pronouncements that will help myself and the company excel.

For my health I want to get into better cardiovascular shape. I have spent years lifting heavy and slightly neglected the importance of being able to run up flights of steps without having to catch my breath. I want to integrate more cardio (and different variations of it) into my everyday life. 

I also want to incorporate stretching into my workouts. I’ve lost a lot of flexibility over the years and yoga was really helping me for a while, but I do not enjoy doing yoga as my everyday workout. Nevertheless, I understand the importance of the principles it teaches.

I also want to cut back on my sugar consumption. I have been too lax with that these past few years and want for it to not be in my normal everyday habits. 

2020 is going to be a year of small, but positive changes for me. I already have a healthy lifestyle but I’m ready to start this decade out on an even better and more informed foot!”
– Philita Wheeler, CPA | CGMA

Martial Artist Jennifer Dietrick

 “My 2020 goals:
1. Meditate for 30 min daily
2. Sign with an agent for my book
3. Go on 3 out of town visits to see family and friends
4. Enter 3 competitions
5. Complete at least 6 speaking engagements
6. Add the following Jiu jitsu moves to my game: isosceles triangle, north/south choke, gogo launch series, Jackie Chan to leg locks
7. Do yoga once a week”
– Jennifer Dietrick, Health & Fitness Coach

“I would like to compete 4x this year in Strongman and deadlift 700 lbs. for reps.”
– Justin Blake, Strongman

WBFF Pro & Fit Mom Carissa Johnson

“After having 2 kids and nursing, I have lost some muscle, so my goal is to rebuild my physique and maybe try a new physical endeavor or get back on stage.”
 – Carissa Johnson, Fit Mom | WBFF Pro

Bodybuilder and NPC Figure Competitor Danyelle Masterone doing bicep curl

“As a former figure competitor who was always striving to improve for the stage, it is always a challenge to constantly be in maintenance mode. But trust me, it can present its own unique challenges. My personal fitness goal this year is to continue to incorporate new workout styles into my routine. Keep it fresh and fun while maintaining my physique! I absolutely love hot yoga but rarely make the time to go. I also have it on my radar to finally try Orange Theory, Pure Barre and Pilates. This is the year to really mix up my training regime and benefit both physically and mentally.

In my home life as a full-time mom, I want to always be a fitness inspiration for my son. My hope is for him to learn by example and naturally adopt a fit lifestyle, being active and making healthy nutrition choices. I take him to the gym with me and also coach his soccer and baseball teams, so we are always sharing in each other’s healthy activities. Our shared fitness goal this year, now that he is getting older and more able, is to do more outdoor activities. I plan to take him on more hikes and even try some new activities like snow tubing.”
– Danyelle Mastarone, Fit Mom | Former Figure Competitor

Health & Wellness Coach and Fit Mom Jada Kelly

“My goals for the new year-

  1. To present and speak on fitness lifestyle and build the YES to my BEST community (search YES to my BEST on facebook to join our group)
  2. Continue building my training business
  3. Create fitness video content for apps and other digital platforms”

– Jada Kelly, Fit Mom & Wellness Coach


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