“If trying to lose weight, can a protein shake be a good substitute for a meal?”

When trying to lose weight, most people have the initial reaction to eat less or cut their calories. Whereas, they probably are not eating enough. If nothing else, they may need to eat more efficiently, eat better quality foods or have smaller meals more often. A protein shake can be an excellent meal replacement and a great source of protein, especially for someone on-the-go or with little time. A quality whey protein can have upwards of 30 grams of protein and often very little carbs or fat. Quality being the key!

In my opinion, whole foods are always the best choice and ultimately more satisfying, but that is not always an option. For me, a post-workout shake is the perfect way to refuel in that crucial thirty-minute window after strength training. It can also be a great choice while traveling, during a busy work day or as a light pre-workout meal. Also, if you are really craving something sweet or chocolatey, a thick, creamy protein shake can be just the thing to curb that sweet tooth.

So, remember whole foods are best, but if you have a difficult time consuming enough protein, can’t sit down to a balanced meal or are always on the go, a protein shake is an ideal substitution for a meal. Use supplements wisely and you will maximize the benefits of hard work and a clean diet. A few supplements I have always believed in and never go without are myHMB and PEAK ATP. Even without the strict regimen of contest prep I can maintain a lean physique without sacrificing strength. Good luck and happy shaking!!

team myhmb and fit mom Danyelle Mastarone

Danyelle Mastarone

Danyelle Mastarone started as a group fitness instructor and then was encouraged by a friend to try out a figure competition.  After taking home the gold at her first competition she was hooked.  Now as a mom, being healthy and fit is always a priority and a passion.


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