Health Coach Jennifer Dietrick guides us through her daily nutrition plan.

A quick breakdown of my meals:

  • Breakfast: ½ cup oatmeal with egg whites, protein powder, coconut oil, almond butter, cinnamon, and berries
  • Pre-Workout Meal: 4-6 oz grilled chicken breast and medium sweet potato
  • Lunch: 3 egg scramble with veggies, feta cheese, avocado and a side of fruit
  • Snack: Shake/smoothie
  • Dinner: 6 oz fish, 4-6 baby potatoes, salad with tomato, avocado, lemon, and olive oil

Philosophy behind my meals

All my meals listed are general approximations. I haven’t measured since I had to for competition purposes.  Keeping it simple and eyeballing makes life a little easier.   Oatmeal is the only one I measure because I can’t seem to eyeball the correct estimate when adding water and if I don’t measure, it doesn’t cook right. Lol. I do make certain I am getting adequate protein throughout my day, so I don’t lose any hard-earned muscle and supplement with myHMB for the same reason as well as overall health.

The grilled chicken breast and sweet potato is my most plain meal since it’s just fuel before training which I eat about 45 minutes prior to my workout. If I’m needing more food any given day, I’ll have goat milk yogurt with fruit or add more fruit to a smoothie.

I typically drink flat or seltzer water with all my meals. A lot of other drinks add extra, unneeded calories to your daily intake.

For dinner, I usually have fish but sometimes have seafood and occasionally have red meat. I’ll also sometimes have gluten free pasta or rice as the starchy carb.

Add a dash of spice

I use fairly simple toppings or seasonings since it is healthier and a much easier prep when cooking. Garlic is usually a staple with my dinners.

Keep it flexible

I focus on eating whole foods with the least number of preservatives. I also go out to eat or have takeout typically 1-2 times per week. I eat whatever I’m in the mood for whether it is healthy or not. I believe in enjoying yourself without restriction and relying on what your habits are the majority of the time.

Happy Eating!

Don’t forget about your muscle health.

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*Jennifer is not a doctor or dietician.  The information provided is based on personal experience.  Before starting a new diet or exercise program please consult with your doctor. 

Martial Artist Jennifer Dietrick

Jennifer Dietrick

Jennifer Dietrick is a highly accomplished and successful health & fitness coach.  With 18 years of experience competing in physique sports, Jennifer designs specialized programs for each client to be healthy and strong.  With the desire to continue to learn Jennifer now spends her free time training and competing in martial arts.                

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