If you know anything about Strongman athletes you know that eating is a 24-hour job in order for them to keep on their weight and muscle mass.  Pro Strongman Spenser Remick shares what his daily diet looks like.

To stay on top of my nutrition, my diet is pretty structured and repetitive, which I have found to be the best way for me to stay consistent.

My breakfast usually consists of 4-5 eggs, typically with oatmeal and peanut butter. My next 3 meals typically consist of 6-8 ounces of chicken or beef, mixed with rice and vegetables. Then I usually finish the day with Greek yogurt mixed with fruit.

I have found this diet gives me sufficient protein for recovery, without causing discomfort from overeating. My training days would also include a sports drink mix during the workout and about 50 grams of post-workout protein taken with myHMB!

ASC Pro Strongman Spenser Remick doing sandbag carry

Spenser Remick

Spenser Remick is a competitive ASC Pro Strongman athlete.  His strength journey began as a Collegiate Offensive Lineman, where he held many records in the weight room.  After his Collegiate football career he continued to strength train for powerlifting and Strongman events.  In 2015, Spenser officially earned his ASC Pro Strongman card.  

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