There is a preconceived notion that if women lift weights they will get ‘bulky’.  Carissa Johnson is here to tell you the truth.

Weights, while intimidating for some, have countless benefits for both men and women. And to the one who asks will weightlifting make me bulky? The answer is a resounding, heck no! Unless that’s your goal, in which case you have to lift and eat strategically to do so. I’m not anti-cardio by any means but I value both weightlifting and cardio in my training. 

I played competitive soccer growing up, and never touched weights until high school. Lifting weights has been a game changer for me. I started as a little 90 lb. soccer player (cardio bunny) that everyone assumed was anorexic until I finally gave weights a chance post college. I started to build lean mass and was able to gain 15+ lbs.  It didn’t happen overnight but took time and persistence. I looked healthier and am most certainly stronger. 

Whether you are over/under weight or at your ideal weight, lifting weights is beneficial for all. For the one who needs to gain weight, weight training as long as you eat more to sustain your activity, is hugely beneficial and effective. For those who may desire to lose weight, weight training can help you build more lean mass while decreasing fat.  It revs up your metabolism and even burns more calories throughout the day. Of course, if you’re happy with where you’re at, that’s great but weightlifting can help shape your physique further giving women some of the lower half curves and slim waist they desire without plastic surgery (if you’re consistent). 

Carissa Johnson, Team myHMB Athlete | Fit Mom | WBFF Pro

WBFF Pro and Fit Mom Carissa Johnson

Carissa Johnson

Carissa Johnson grew up playing soccer and after getting into her corporate accounting career realized she missed competing and the gym.  She earned her WBFF Pro Card in 2011, unfortunately shortly after was in a horrific pedestrian car accident leaving her not sure if she would be able to walk again.  Carissa fought through; built back up her strength and after many surgeries has been able to step back up on stage.  She is the proud mom of two and also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).


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