We all need to take some quality me time, especially when life gets extra tough and stressful.  Our TEAM myHMB ladies share their favorite self-care practices that hopefully inspire you to try.

Create time for YOU!

“My favorite self-care practice currently is my morning workout. With the onset of COVID-19 and Safer at Home order, it has been a struggle to create time pockets for myself. I found that waking up early, before having to home school my boys, and going outside for my workout has been life-giving! Even though I’m just going outside and down the steps of my apartment, it’s become my own space. I turn up my music and go as hard as I can! Every morning I get to do this self-care practice I find my day flows so much better!”

Jada Kelly, Fit Mom & Wellness Coach

Revive Your Skin

IFBB Pro/Bodybuilder Erin Stern during photo shoot in Colorado

“I like making DIY masks and relaxing with some music. My favorite recipe right now is a calming, anti-inflammatory mask that uses 3 simple ingredients!

The mask recipe includes:
1 Tbsp of instant or ground coffee
1 Tbsp of powdered turmeric
1 Tbsp of Greek yogurt

I keep it on my face for 20-30 minutes, and then rinse it off. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to “zen out” for a little while!”

Erin Stern, 2x Ms. Olympia

Stay Fit & Recover

“#1 – Find time to workout – if it’s your stress reliever like it is mine, do what you need to do to make it happen (get a sitter for the kids if possible, include the kids in your workout if you have to, wake up a little early before the kiddos, do shorter HIIT workouts, etc.) 

#2 – Rest! Get a massage if you can, but if not… get a foot massager (life changer) or Hyperice Hypervolt to hammer out knots post workout.”

Carissa Johnson, WBFF Pro & Fit Mom

Find something that makes you SMILE

team myhmb and fit mom Danyelle Mastarone

“Let me stress again how important self-care is. We all need to love ourselves as much as we love our family, friends, jobs and homes. Self-care can come in so many different forms, so find what really ignites your spirit! Or, like me, find a few very simple practices and do them consistently. Nothing overly earth shattering, but along with my regular exercise, balanced nutrition and quality sleep, here are my four of my favorite self-care practices!

At least twice a week, and in conjunction with my hair washing days, I relax in the sauna. I’m not good at quiet or turning off my mind, so I prefer to listen to podcasts while basking in the warmth and relaxation. Something else I do in the self-care realm is read before bed, rather than watch TV. I have been a reader since I was a little girl and am a regular at my local library. Another little practice I have is mud mask Mondays, cliché green face included. It sounds trivial, but it’s that little slice of time just for me that makes it meaningful, and the after-skin glow is great too! One last daily habit is M&Ms. Yes, I’m serious. I have a small handful of chocolatey deliciousness every single day! Just enough to make me smile. So now it’s your turn to find a few simple self-care practices that will make you smile.”

Danyelle Mastarone, Fit Mom & Former Figure Competitor

Find a consistent routine

Martial Artist Jennifer Dietrick

“There are 5 self-care practices that I try to practice daily, especially now being stuck at home:

1. longer daily meditation

2. daily outdoor activity (walk or bike) at least 2-3x a day

3. keeping a consistent routine and schedule

4. connecting with friends and family daily

5. being consistent with the same intensity during training as before quarantine while making adjustments and getting creative”

Jennifer Dietrick, Health & Fitness Coach

Sweat away the stress

Fitness Model & CPA Philita Wheeler posing for a fitness photo shoot

“My favorite daily self-care practice is my morning home workout time.  It’s just me and my music with a chance to escape for a little bit.  Every other month or so I’ll spoil myself with a trip to the spa, even though I can’t do that right now. Having a facial or another service done is the ultimate in relaxation and doing something for yourself.”

Philita Scholz, CPA & CGMA


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