We all have excuses why we couldn’t do this or that.  At the end of the day, you have to create the right mindset in order to reach your goals.

In this video, health and nutrition coach Jada Kelly gives two key things to focus on in your life so you can start the right mindset to make healthy changes that last.


Today we’re going to talk about how to create the right mindset in regards to your health and fitness goals.   There are two things that I do that I think will be really helpful to you and will help you move forward.


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What Can YOU DO?

First thing is focus on what you CAN DO.   So often we focus on what is not possible or at least what we think is not possible.

We tell ourselves I don’t have time to do that 20-minute workout today.  I don’t have time to pack my lunch.   I don’t have time for ‘fill in the blank’.

Time to switch the focus from can’t to CAN.  Want is possible in your day to achieve?  For example, I can get up 20 minutes earlier than I normally do and move my body.   Another example, I can commit to packing my lunch and filling it with lifegiving foods three times a week.  You start there and you focus on that.

It doesn’t matter how small the step is.  What matters is you figure out what is possible and you start to put those things in play.  Then allow those things to build on each other.  Maybe you start with just movement but then you’re able to add in another goal.  If you keep building from there and focus on what you can do then you’ll continue to see changes and results.


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What is True?

The second thing is remembering that there are many things that maybe true but may not be helping you to achieve your goals.   Start to focus on the true things in your life that will help align you with your goals.

For example, it might be true that you’re tired.   It might be true that life is full and you are juggling many responsibilities.   It might be true that you really don’t feel like working out.   But what’s also true is that you have 20 minutes today that you can set aside for your movement or exercise.  What’s true is that you know you feel so good after you workout.   What’s true is that you genuinely want to make decisions that are going to bring out your best physically, mentally and emotionally.

All those things that I said are true but not all of them align with bringing out your best self.  Find things that are true in your life that are in alignment with creating a healthier lifestyle.   Choose to magnify those truths and create healthier habits.

I’m not saying that the other things are not true cause they are, but we’re going to choose to make the ones that are in alignment bigger than the other truths that are not in alignment with your goals.

These two tips are what help me get into the right mindset and accomplish my fitness and health goals.   I hope this was helpful you guys.  If you want more tips you can check me out on Instagram here.


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Health and wellness coach Jada Kelly

Jada Kelly

Jada Kelly has been a lifetime fitness enthusiast from being a P.E. teacher to a group fitness instructor to a health & wellness speaker now.  As a mother of 2 boys and wife she is always working towards being her best every day and teaching others how to achieve their goals.


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