If this last year has taught us anything it’s that you can break a sweat literally anywhere.

Our team myHMB ambassador Jennifer Dietrick is here with her favorite equipment to add to your home gym.

As with many of my at-home clients I recommend certain fitness gear. Depending on fitness level, space allotted, and budget, my recommendations will vary. Below are my recommendations based on their importance.

wooden floor with a msports gym mat and one dumbbell

Exercise Mat

Bodyweight exercises can be done literally anywhere, that’s why having an exercise mat is a minimum requirement. It’s important when shopping to search for an exercise mat and not a yoga mat. The exercise mat is thicker (1/2 inch) which allows for proper comfort especially if it is placed on hardwood floor.

woman outside by trees in workout apparel with a resistance band

Resistance Bands

The next recommendation would be resistance bands with handles. Using resistance bands or weights is a great way to do any pulling exercises at home. There are plenty of bodyweight exercises that require no equipment for all the body parts except the back and biceps. Resistance bands also give more variety to all exercises especially if the bodyweight ones do not match your difficulty level.

woman in a gym doing bicep curls with dumbbells


Adjustable dumbbells are the next purchase I recommend. Even though I would prefer these over the resistance bands for exercise, I suggested the bands first considering space and budget. These dumbbells give you a variety of weights without taking up extra space as they would if you had multiple sets of dumbbells and they are more cost-effective.

man in a gym performing the bench press


Although chairs can be used for sitting exercises and stepping, a bench would be my next purchase to use for those exercises. The lying exercises can be done on the floor, yet you do not have the full range in your arms for some of them. The bench gives much more variety as well and saves any wear and tear on furniture being used. Getting a bench that inclines will give you even more options.

Those are the staples I recommend for my at-home clients.

If you’re looking for some other great at-home equipment, here are a few more of my favs:

They are all great options depending on your regimen and fitness level. The Swiss ball is very versatile and inexpensive yet is not a space saver. The remaining are both space savers and inexpensive.

Good luck and happy training!

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Martial Artist Jennifer Dietrick

Jennifer Dietrick

Jennifer Dietrick is a highly accomplished and successful health & fitness coach.  With 18 years of experience competing in physique sports, Jennifer designs specialized programs for each client to be healthy and strong.  With the desire to continue to learn Jennifer now spends her free time training and competing in martial arts.                

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