Crank the music, continually mix it up, and keep your workouts fun and exciting.  Team myHMB ambassador Philita Scholz shares how she keeps her cardio fun.

Cardio gets a bad reputation in the weightlifting community.  It’s compared a lot to lifting weights and many arguments state that cardio just won’t give you the results of long-term body fat loss like lifting does.

For years, when I was focused on building muscle, I didn’t do as much cardio as I should have.  Either way, cardio is a necessary part to a healthy cardiovascular system and can be a lot of fun, if you make it that way. 

Some people think group classes are fun or walking/running with a partner.  I personally love my cardio on the treadmill because I switch up my pace, incline, and exactly what I’m doing on the treadmill.  Sometimes I am doing sprints, other times I am trying to build my endurance, and sometimes I am switching from running sideways, to backwards, to the other side.   Remember it doesn’t have to be a treadmill either.  You can apply the same idea to a bike, a rower, an agility ladder, or running outside on stairs, in sand or on hills.  I push myself to sprint faster or run longer. It’s a fun challenge to me….and I forgot to mention, I keep the music loud and fun.  My music is what really makes the workouts fly by because every sprint I change the song to match the pace I want to hit. It’s hard to not have fun when you feel like you’re at the club dancing, even on a Monday morning!

Fitness Model & CPA Philita Wheeler doing bicep curls

Philita Scholz

Philita Scholz’s obsession began with running.  After realizing running 50-60 miles a week was no longer a challenge for her she tried out bodybuilding and even qualified for the Arnold Classic Amateur Figure Championships.  Philita is a very focused entrepreneur helping people in the financial, health & wellness, and education arenas.


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